Friday, April 8, 2011

"It all started with a..."

Walt Disney

We just returned from a full week at Disney.  The weather was perfect!  Overall, this trip was wonderful!


Max is the perfect age for Disney.  He was super excited for the rides and shows.  He rode Space Mountain and loved the Extreme Stunt Show.  

Annie is also at a great age for Disney.  She wants to be a princess when she grows up.  She enjoyed every minute eating with the princesses and meeting the characters.

And then there is Charlie.  3 is not the perfect age for Disney.  He enjoyed a few things (Playhouse Disney and the Little Mermaid) but he missed nap after nap after nap.  No nap = no fun. 

But as you probably know, Disney is a vacation for the kids...not the parents!  Even though we are very tired, it was worth every minute. 

I will try not to bore you with a million pictures from the trip, but I have to share a few! 



  1. HOW FUN! I have never been to Disney, but I want to take our niece so bad! I really want to go to Harry Potter World (such a nerd, I know). Glad y'all had such a great trip and glad your back in blogland - I've missed your posts!

  2. hey there, lorri, you are exactly right about this assessment on Disney ... it's a grueling trip even when they're grown, but when they're still little and need the naps - we've been there and ooof, that's tough. But at the end of the day, it really is a magical place .... we loooove Disney! Can't wait to see the pics!

    and ps ... can't believe I didn't see the earlier post @ your daughter growing up on you, but that first photo of her as a tiny infant with her tiny arm raised - the beautiful light you captured in her eyes - that's an INCREDIBLE photo - takes my breath away! I feel it too on the whole growing up thing ... at 12 and 9, boy do I feel it - where did the time go?!

  3. What a trip! It truly is an adventure for all. Your photos are so sweet.
    We went one year with our family ... as in 30 of us. It was fun but I really needed a few days off once we returned home ~ I was exhausted from all our "fun!"

    Have a great weekend ~

  4. Disney is always a huge trip. You do need some vacation days for when you get back to recoup. I bet the kids loved it and will always remember it!

  5. Adorable family- looking forward to taking my kiddos, but my youngest still insist found of the characters.

  6. This is your as many pictures as YOU want!! Glad to hear your vacation was wonderful!

  7. Lorri, you won the giveaway for the transferware!! Just give me your email address and I will send it to Nancy.
    email me at

    I am going out of town in the morning, but will be back Sunday afternoon.

  8. Big fun! I hope Charlie is able to catch up on his sleep. Vacations CAN be exhausting, no matter now fun!

  9. Welcome home! I was missing your posts!! Glad you had fun. We spent a couple days at Disneyland last summer and they were the most perfect, magical days. My Charlie was still small enough that he could nap in his stroller, which helped. I want to go back so bad. Aren't all vacations for the kids once you have them!!?? :) Wonderful pictures, as always!!

  10. It sounds like you had loads of fun at Disney. We can't wait to take our kids when they are older.

  11. favorite place on earth! And from the looks on these darling faces...they feel that way too!!

  12. hahaha! i love it! i have still never been to disney world so i have a feeling i'll be taking a (selfish) trip "for my kids" down the road!

  13. I bet the kids had the best time ever! Disney is such a magical place!


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