Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Man's Best Friend and...

...Getting Lucky. 
Meet Jake.  Jake belongs to my 21 year old nephew (who is too old to be a nephew to me!)
Jake is an awesome dog.  He is beautiful. 
He is great with little ones!  He has the energy of a puppy, but the sweetness of old fogey. 
Jake is a fan of the water.  He spent several hours jumping in the pool to retrieve his ball.
As for getting lucky?  Well, it started with this picture.
This is an ok picture of Jake.  I love how the muscles in his legs are showing.
I think this picture is pretty neat, too.  As you can see, he is just about to shake off all that water.  He did that every single time he got out of the pool. 
And here is the one that I love.  I only wish I knew how I captured this I could do it again!
I don't know how I did it, but I do know that I love it! 
Thank you, Jake!  You made me smile!


  1. Lorri, those are great shots!!! I love all of them, especially the last one! You're a fantastic photographer!!!

  2. agreed - that last photo is so so so SO amazing!! It's like the water is frozen like a perfect wreath around his neck - it's mesmerizing - LOVE!!

  3. Great picture and Labs are always wonderful dogs! So pretty :)

  4. What a sweet guy! Great pictures! I especially love the last one!

  5. We had a chocolate lab that passed away when Rhiannon was a baby. In my heart he will always be my first child. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are incredible first of all! But secondly it brought back some fond memories of my water loving, ball chasing, sweet chocolate Kramer.

  6. He may be a great dog...but you take G.R.E.A.T pics of him!!!!

  7. Great photos!!! You really have a knack for capturing the moment. Seeing these photos makes me want a dog that looks as sweet as Jake.

  8. Jake is a cutie! Let your nephew know I'll dog-sit if he's ever in need, hehe!

  9. Love this dog!!!! The pics are sooo fun...and show so much of the personality that you described!

  10. ohhhh! awesome pictures! That dog is adorable! I used to have a lab mix who lived for swimming and retrieving.


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