Monday, May 2, 2011

All Wrapped Up...

...into one big word.
A few years ago I learned a hard lesson.  My computer caught a nasty virus and crashed.  I lost a ton of pictures.  After that, I make sure that my pictures are backed up. It takes some time, but it's a great excuse to sit down, put my feet up, and relax.  Here are a few of the random photos that I found on my computer.
I want this door in my house.  It makes me happy!
Really cute apples.
A fun rooster that I can't seem to talk my mother into giving me.  I really need it.
Baby feet and cake. 
Annie's sweet friend.  Love her eyes.
Annie and her favorite "big boy!"
Serious thinking.
My favorite coffee cup.
A piece of Heaven.
Hope you have a great week!


  1. cute random photos! such an important thing to do:backup!! hugs, cathy

  2. You know I so love your phtotgraphy!! Love Annie's friend's cheeks too! And love that "big boy's" shirt is pink!!

  3. I love your cute red shoes!!!!

    My photo organization is awful! I really need to take the time to get them into some kind of system and back them up.

  4. ha! i've been sorting thru old photos too recently ... so fun! last october, we nearly lost ALL 18,000 (yes, that says thousand!) of our photos - if it weren't for my tech savvy hubby, we'd have been goners ... phew!

  5. You're so right about saving everything. I have this meticulous process where I save everything to an external hard drive. I'm almost OCD about it. Love those red shoes and cute photos of your adorable kiddos!

  6. I have a 500 gb hard drive just for that reason!!!

  7. Super cute shoes!!
    Did you make those apple pops?!!
    What do you do to back up your photos? Put them on discs?

  8. I always love your pictures! My mom collects roosters too!

  9. That little girl looks like a cherub!

  10. ditto the gals above, I LOOVE your red shoes!! have you heard of Carbonite? know anyone who's tried it? I'm thinking of trying it to avoid backing up my files. It is all done automatically every time you are online.

  11. Love that door. And you know, you could have something similar fairly easily!

  12. love your random!and that door would be so much fun to paint!! and i loved your post on baseball....we were at the field ALL day on Sunday watching the cousins this time of year!


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