Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cherry on Top

Today was the last day of post-planning.  I am going to miss my students like crazy over the summer.  I loved this group of children.  They were sweet, caring, smart, funny, and eager to learn. 
What more could I ask for??? 
The Cherry on Top!
This year's class was definitely a treat, but spending the entire summer with these guys will be even better!
And these two.
lazy mornings
breakfast on the porch
running through the sprinklers
sidewalk chalk
water guns
lightening bugs
summer camps
ice cream cones
dinner on the grill

Can you tell I am a little excited?


  1. Hooray! You made it! Let the fun begin!!!

  2. YAY, Lorri, you made it - congratulations on a great school year!! Bring on the summertime fun for sure ;-)

  3. Yay summer! One more week, and I'm with ya. I can't wait and reading your list just makes me that more excited. Enjoy every moment, friend!

  4. I am excited too! My boys are older now and not as keen on my "fun" plans. We will make our grand list of ideas and work off that though - I'm looking forward to having them home!

  5. Ahhh, that all sounds PERFECT to me! I just have three more days of summer school and then it's officially summer vacation for me too!

  6. Hi Lorri! I hope you have been able to check some of these great things off your summer to do list so far :) Enjoy!! (and thanks for following)


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