Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Lot of It!

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
I recently started reading She Knows Food and Recipes.  She has some fabulous recipes for summer lemonade and lemon desserts.  To me, lemons are summer.  Even though we are not officially in "summer," our temperatures are!  Today we topped off at 92 degrees and are expected to hit 97 degrees tomorrow!  If this is any indication of what August will be like in the south, we are in for it. 
The last couple of days have been so hot that I have already started searching the Internet for new summer salads and desserts. 
Lemon Thyme Bars
These Lemon Thyme Bars are on my list to try.  They sound delicious.  Even though I am often intimidated by Giada's recipes, these seem be something I could handle.
After being outside in the heat, my desire to cook seems to vanish. 
Cucumber Sandwiches 
Last year we snacked on Ree's cucumber sandwiches many times.  These are super easy and ridiculously yummy!
I am looking forward to trying these, too.
Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas
This recipe is also by Ree.  The ingredients are simple, but the combination sounds fantastic.
What are your favorite things to "cook" in the summer?
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  1. Everything sounds so good! I like grilling because it's easy clean up! In the summer I cook more simply.

  2. YUM! I will definitely be trying those lemon bars and quesadillas!

  3. Those lemon bars look fantastic! Giada intimidates me, too! Glad you're out for summer and back in blogland!

  4. gonna check out her blog..need some new food inspiration!

  5. those recipes sound really yummy!! it's blazing hot here too!! happy summer to you. glad you are out of school! wish andrew was too. next wed. for us!! xo, tessa

  6. It's HOT here too...and we still have 8 days of school left! :(
    Everything you mentioned looks so yummy...I'd like a cucumber sandwich and some lemonade and a lemon thyme bar...and a dip in that pool!

  7. those recipes really do look scrumptious - i've been getting a lot of great links from pinterest lately, but one of my all time favorite summer recipes is for lemon cookies (with lemon frosting if i'm feeling decadent!) ... happy summer, lorri!

  8. Yummy! I just went and bought the ingredients for the cucumber sandwiches and the quesadillas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I swear I eat a tomato sandwich EVERY day of summer,

  10. These images of summer are divine. What a great collection of recipes - they are going on my summer list.


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