Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Sunshine

*Games and Pink Nail Polish*
Our Saturdays are spent at the ball field.   
This is M's first year playing baseball.  I have to say, he has done really well. 
He has enjoyed playing...and is already talking about "next season."
Hubby has been assisting the coach.  They practice two nights a week and have a game each Saturday.  Max has loved spending all that one-on-one time with his dad.
They rest of us have enjoyed it, too.
But only MY daughter would use this time to get a pedicure.
There may be a few specks of dirt in that polish.  :)


  1. Great pictures! Love the little train all filled with dirt cruising around :)
    Glad you guys are enjoying your warm weather!

  2. This brings back such great memories of my brother playing baseball. So many summers spent at the ballpark. I can't wait for those days with our little man!

  3. I just love going to kids sporting events. Baseball/T-Ball are my favorites, it's always so funny to see the few kids playing in the grass in the outfield!

  4. Every spring I look forward to afternoons/evenings spent at the ball field. And every year around this time, I am ready for it to be over!!! Bad mom!!!

  5. I LOOOVE little league! Andrew has played since he was 4 and this year decided to take a season off. I was sad, but I don't think bb is going to be his thing. :( Maybe I started him too young. stinks, b/c he is a awesome hitter too. Glad Max is loving it!! Also, the pics of your neice in the last post were STUNNING!!! The camera LOVES her! How fun that you live close enough to be there for those moments!!


    PS. No spa for me this time, I canceled my appointment to watch the royal wedding! I wasn't willing to get up crazy early and when I saw that E was replaying the wedding later that the morning, I couldn't help myself. Sad case, I am!! Next time for certain! :)

  6. beautiful photos, lorri, and I especially love that ladybug chair in the background ;-)

  7. she is already such a smart girl! thats what i do when i'm forced to watch the braves!!! don't get me wrong, i love the bravos, but i do not love watching them everyday! ps. love that helmet!

  8. OK . . . this sounds sooo much like our Saturdays! My husband also coaches my son's baseball team. My younger son plays in the dirt and I can totally see my daughter painting her nails like that. :) I love it!!

  9. My favorite picture is of your youngest Charlie, with a quizzical look on his face...too cute! Our Saturdays used to be like that too and may be again someday when our grandkids start to play. It so much fun....except when it's snowing!

  10. Oh no...not dirt in the nail polish!!

    Max just looks like a natural baseball player...that great the he is enjoying extra time with dad.

    I LOVE your new blog looks fantastic!


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