Monday, June 6, 2011


The Bride
The Bride's Proud Mother
Last week we celebrated the upcoming marriage of a sweet friend's daughter.  Melissa, the bride's mom, teaches first grade with me.  Her daughter, Haley, is one of "those girls."  You know, the girls that have it all?  She is very smart, sweet, kind, beautiful, friendly, trustworthy, grounded, happy, and ambitious.  Yep, one of "those girls."  :)
Jackie, my partner in crime at work, invited us to have the shower at her house. Jackie is the queen of southern hospitality.
We were excited to celebrate with Melissa.  And what a perfect excuse for a bunch of teachers to get together and chat!
We had biscuits (bacon, sausage, ham, jelly, etc.), fruit, sausage and cream cheese stuffed crescent rolls, muffins, bacon dip, brownies, cookies, cake, and several other yummies.  Add a pot of coffee and some sweet tea to that and you get.....a very talkative group!
Melissa is so excited about her daughter's upcoming marriage.  She "couldn't have picked a better husband" for her daughter.  I can't imagine what Melissa is feeling.  I think about Annie getting married and start to hyperventilate.  And she is only 5. 
Congratulations to BOTH of you!  Can't wait until August!


  1. What a lovely bride and mother of...! The flowers are my favs too! And the cake is to die for!! Looks like it will be a wonderful event!!

  2. What a lovely shower--that food all sounds delicious!

  3. hydrangeas are my favorite, so between the cake and the vase, you can only imagine how much i'm loving this post ;-) beautiful indeed!!


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