Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Is that a good decision?"

I thought I would share a conversation that took place a couple of days ago between the kids and I.  This first picture says a lot.
Annie to Max:  What are you doing?
Max:  I am about to do the coolest scooter trick!
Annie talking to herself on her "cell phone:"  Well, Max is about to do a trick that will probably make him break a leg or something.
Max talking to himself:  I just need to move this over here.
Me to Max:  You aren't thinking of using that ramp for the trick, are you?
Max:  Mom, I am going to do a trick that I have done a thousand times.
Me:  Well, move that ramp into the grass so that it is out of your way.
Annie on her phone:  Max is going to get hurt.  We will end up having to go to the emergency room.
Charlie on his phone:  Max huwt leg.  (He still hasn't mastered the "R" sound.)
Me:  Max!!! 
Max:  Whoo-hoo!  That was awesome!
Me:  No it wasn't! 
Charlie:  Max is in twouble!
Annie:  Man!  If he does that again mommy is going to get really mad.  Then she will have to pay a copay and she doesn't like that.  (I kid you not!)
Me:  Annie, you are right!  Max, don't you dare do that again.  You just about gave me a heart attack!
Max:  Mom.  It's fine.  I do it all the time when you are inside.
*I don't even want to think about what else he tries when I am not around.*
Never a dull moment around here!
*Yes, Jenn.  I fussed at him for not having on a helmet.*


  1. Haaaa! Glad he made it without any broken bones! Wonder what else he does does when you inside?!? :). Loving their "cellphones" !!!!

  2. Oh how this made me laugh! Boys will be BOYS! :)
    Love it!

  3. oh that face says it all! heaven help us, how will our hearts ever survive being mother's of boys??!!

  4. This is hilarious!
    LOVE Max's face in the first pic. And too funny that your other two are on the phone!

    BTW, whatever kind of camera you have...I want + your camera skills! :)

  5. That first photo is priceless! My husband tells me that I wouldn't want to know what goes on with the kids when I'm not there. I know some craziness but they seem to always make it out just fine. Looks like your kiddos are enjoying summer!

  6. What a stunt man! "Mommy will have to pay a copay"--I love it!


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