Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Day With Chuckles

As I have stated many times before, there is never a dull moment with Charlie. 
With Annie in Kinder Camp and Max in basketball camp, Charlie and I have had some extra one-on-one time together.  I love having his undivided attention.
Charlie is hysterical.  No really, he is.  He is...his father. 
Just look at these facial expressions.  He starts out looking so innocent.
And then he starts thinking.  I know this look.  It usually leads to trouble. 
He still looks pretty innocent in the picture above, right?  Now look at the one below.
This is the exact look he gives me as he contemplates doing whatever it is I just told him not to do.  Complete with the side glance.  Sometimes I even get a little evil grin or a wink.  It is hard to discipline this child.  I have a very hard time not laughing when I should have that serious mommy-look on my face.  For example, I asked him not to sit on the porch and let his legs hang down.  I know he can't fit through the bars, but I am scared of heights.  Anyway, the second time I told him to get up, he turned around and gave me this look.
"Mommy.  Me do it.  Mommy no be mad."
After I turned my head and pretended to cough, I picked that little fanny up and took him inside for a chat.  Speaking of his little fanny...
It sure is cute.  And just look at those rolls on his legs.  I promise I only nibble on them once a day.  :)

*Disclaimer-Yes, I am aware that my 3 year old is still in diapers/pull ups.  Yes, I know he should be potty trained by now.  Yes, I am working on it.  Yes, it bothers me tremendously.  No, he hasn't mastered it yet, but has come a long way.  No, he isn't planning on wearing them to college....I hope!  :)  Will this child ever be trained??? 


  1. So cute...love the "side" glance!
    My son refused to sit on the potty...we would try and force him and he would stiffen his arms...we were pretty frustrated. Then one day he decided to do it himself, he was 3 yrs 3 mos. and that was it. He never had an accident or wore pull ups at night. Doesn't get much easier than that! So, I'm a big fan of waiting until they are ready...it sure worked for us!

  2. Oh how I love that little stinker ...And all of his facial expressions. Very cute pics!

  3. Awww, those chubby legs!! I could just eat them up!!

  4. love those looks. for what it's worth, my C will ONLY go potty (#1 & #2) in public restrooms. yes. and he still has a "ninny" (his paci) and I give him a bottle when he wakes up and before bed. it's the only way my children drink milk. I gave Andrew a bottle till he was 3.5 - worse than Suri Cruise!! Ha! :) when they are ready they are ready. motherhood is stressful enough, I wouldn't let the potty thing get to you!!

  5. How can you keep the nibbling to once a day! So so cute! The photos look awesome.

  6. He is too cute for words!!! At first, when I saw the title of your post, I thought Chuckles was the name of a clown and I was scared to open to the post because clowns totally freak me out. So happy to discover picture of your sweet little man instead!

  7. He's so cute! How old is he? My daughter is 20 months.


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