Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorites From the 4th

We had a perfect  4th of July.  We celebrated all weekend.  Our weekend was filled with great friends, really good food, and HOT weather.  96 degrees takes on a whole new meaning when you add in humidity.
The pool was our outdoor activity of choice during the day.
Other than being inside in the AC, the pool was the only thing that kept us cool.
Oh how I wish I had his eyelashes!
We had 4th of July cake pops along with smores.
Have you seen the new StackerMallows?
They are perfect for smores!  I recommend roasting two StackerMallows for each smore.  I can't believe someone didn't think of these marshmallows before now.
M, A, and C played with friends until they were so tired that they could hardly stand up (literally).
Baseball, cars, corn hole, chase, hide-n-go seek, and scooters were a few of the things the children enjoyed.
We attended the 3rd annual 4th of July party at one of our neighbor's homes.  Not only is this party great every year, but I love getting to explore her home.  It is simply beautiful!
We love living in our neighborhood.  It reminds me a little of college because I can walk down the street and have coffee with friends at any time. 
This sweet stinker enjoyed the fireworks for the first time!  In the past, he would cover his ears and cry when the fireworks began.  This year he covered his ears, but he loved looking at them. 
Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!


  1. Your neighbor's house looks amazing!!! Next time, take pics of the!! But don't let her see you, she might think u r crazy! HEHE!! And to have coffee with the hoodies at anytime...awesome!!!!

  2. What a fun 4th! That house is amazing!

  3. it does sound perfect! always such a fun weekend! i'd like to explore that house too!! couldn't you have snuck in a few pics for us??!! :)

  4. Sounds like a fun day. We had a s'mores bar at our party - wish I had those marshmallows!

  5. Love these pictures - they so capture the simple joy of everyday life!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful. I loved that house.

  7. What a fun 4th weekend! I'm a little jealous of your neighborhood. I miss my girlfriends being so close. That's so great that you have such wonderful neighbors (and that!). Have a great weekend!

  8. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your sweet comment on Southern Soul Mates!! I hope you'll come back soon! Your blog is precious-now following! Beautiful pictures-looks like y'all had a wonderful 4th!!

  9. gorgeous pictures!! looks like your 4th was blissful :) happy weekend!

  10. I love your pictures and agree about the heat--if I'm outside in heat like this I have to be in the water! I must try those marshmallows too!

  11. Looks like a fun filled 4th! Your children are just beautiful ~ why is it that boys have the best lashes and hair? Such a waste :)

    SO glad you liked the muffins. Feel free to post them !

    Have a great week ~

  12. How did I miss this post?!
    Looks like a wonderful 4th at your house...and your neighbor's gorgeous house! Good idea w/ stacking the two flat smores...we took them camping and I wasn't too crazy about them b/c it didn't seem like enough!
    Your daughter is so darn cute!

  13. What a fun and fabulous day. Love the pics!!!


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