Sunday, July 17, 2011

For BB and Pop

My sister (Jennifer) and her family live about 2 hours away from my parents.  Mom and Dad don't get to see them as much as they would like to.  They make trips down for the weekends, etc, but would really love it if they could see Henry and Lucy every day.  Since they don't, I grabbed these pictures off of my sister's facebook page so that mom and dad can see them (they aren't facebook savvy).  Jennifer and I are truly opposite when it comes to pictures.  I have a ridiculous amount of pictures of my children.  In fact, Max has started hiding when he sees me pull out my camera.  Nice, huh?  Anyway, since Jennifer never takes pictures or shares them with us (we love you anyway!), I wanted to show off her beautiful children!
Henry- 10 years old.  Smart (loves to read).  Inquisitive. Caring.  Funny.  Respectful (more so than any other boy I know).  Happy.  Soccer player and dirt bike racer.  Takes care of his mommy when she isn't feeling well.
Lucy-6 years old.  A gift.  Intelligent.  Animal lover.  Extremely flexible (might have to join a circus or something one day).  Tomboy (she races dirt bikes with Henry.  No, really.  She does.  As a track with many other children.  Complete with biker attire).  Protective of those she loves.  Fearless.
One of my favorite pictures.
Nothing is better than a barefoot boy in madras plaid.  Makes me smile.
Look at those feet.
BB and Pop, hope you enjoyed these pictures.  And don't worry, I will print some for you!


  1. Lovely children. My mother-in-law is complaining because I rarely upload to Shutterfly since Facebook. She wants printed photos.

  2. It seems I rarely print pics anymore for my family or husband's family. Thanks for the reminder- I'm going to print a few this week and get them in the mail.

    Such beautiful kids...I bet you're an awesome Aunt!

  3. They sound like great kids--gorgeous photos! Is it bad I would wear Lucy's outfit in the first pic of her? I also think Henry and your oldest son look kind of alike!

  4. Beautiful kiddos and great photos. That's so thoughtful of you to put them on your blog for your parents. I know FB can be intimidating. Such a sweet post!

  5. They are beautiful children and these are great shots...but no greater than yours, Lorri! You do fan-tastic photography!!


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