Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why I Have Been MIA

I have been missing in action.
I haven't accomplished my To Do list for this week (and it was full!).
I haven't gone to the grocery store (and we need milk).
I haven't watched The View, The Today Show, or Ellen (my summer staples).
I haven't taken nightly rides on the golf cart (more on this later).
I haven't been reading my favorite blogs.
I haven't posted anything on this blog in a week.
Here is the reason why.
Have you read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson?
Please tell me you have.  My sister, Jenn, has been telling me to read Larsson's books for a while now.  Since she and I don't typically read the same genre, I wasn't in a real hurry to read them (just being honest).  If only I had known.  Last Thursday I downloaded the first book (above) on my iPad.  Jenn had warned me that the first 70 pages of the book were a bit difficult to follow.  It takes place in Sweden and is filled with names that can be easily confused with each other.  She promised that I didn't need to worry about all the names or re-read to make sense of it all.  She was right.  By the time I got past the beginning, it all began to fall together.  And I was hooked!!!  I finished the first book in about 3 days and couldn't wait to read more about the characters, Lisbeth and Blomqvist.  I downloaded the second one the minute I finished the first.  I absolutely could not wait.
To my surprise, the second book (above) was even better than the first.  The Girl Who Played With Fire had me hooked by the end of chapter 2.  I finished this book in about 4 days (had to go work in my classroom or would have finished it earlier).  Naturally, the third book had to be downloaded.
And yes, it is fantastic!  I haven't finished it just yet, but hope to today. 
If I had to describe the books....well, I simply wouldn't know where to begin.  All I can say is that they kept me guessing (and glued) to the very end.
If you haven't read them, I strongly suggest that you do. 
*And yes, Jenn, you were right!*
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  1. I will have to read them. I like mystery.

  2. You are the second person today that has shared about this book ... as in go get it now and start reading on the way home! With Borders going out of business perhaps I can pick up all three on sale.

    Glad you like the muffins. I'll be making more after I finish making chessecake icecream ... yummy!


  3. I read those books and LOVED them! And like you, I didn't get much done while I was reading them. Hope you enjoy the third one.

  4. I gave my dad the trilogy for Christmas because he enjoyed the first movie! He has put them in my room for me to be able to read as he's finished them, but, I haven't picked them up to read yet..maybe I will now!

  5. Glad you back and of course, always love a good book suggestion!

  6. So I cannot get into that book but you are the 2nd person to say to give it a try. So I will! I just have a hard time getting into slow books, but sounds like it is worth it!

  7. I'm so bad. I haven't read a good book in 5 years! It's terrible. I used to read all the time before kids, but I never have time. I know if I picked up a good book it would be just like you described--I'd totally neglect all other obligations. Maybe over Christmas break I can fit in a good read. You know you're a teacher when you look forward to Christmas break and it's only July.

  8. i've heard these were good! may need to check one of these out myself

  9. Ok, I guess I'm going to have to give this series a try...I have been ignoring all the good reviews. It just doesn't seem like it is my style at all, but it sounds like you were coming from the same place. Thanks for the recommendation. And thanks for stopping my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! :-)


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