Friday, August 5, 2011

A New Baby For Me...

to love on.
No, she isn't mine...but I would happily take her!  I am already in love with her.  How could I not be?  Just look at those lips.
Little Molly was born just two weeks ago.  Her mommy, Sara, is my sweet friend of 15 years.  We lived together for several years and now we live right across the street from each other.  Not only am I lucky to be able to have coffee with my friend at any given time, but I get to see her babies grow up.
I love these babies. 
Little Molly was born several weeks early, but was a champ in the NICU.  She was home with her mommy is just a few days.  Now I get to walk across the street and hold her whenever I want.  Well, as often as Sara and her hubby will let me (hint!).
Welcome to the world, Molly!

By the way, does baby fever ever go away???


  1. She's beautiful. So sweet. No, I don't think baby fever goes away.

  2. She's absolutely beautiful! Those pictures are gorgeous!

  3. so sweet! i don't think it ever goes away...what a perfect little blessing :)

  4. She is so precious! How lucky that you get to live so close to your friend! My best friend lives in Georgia and I miss her like crazy all the time.

  5. Nope, never goes away over here.
    Your pictures are amazing...what a beautiful baby. How lucky to have your friend right across the street!

  6. Oh Molly is gorgeous!!! I don't think baby fever goes away :) They are too cute


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