Friday, August 19, 2011

Picture This

It was a typical Friday night.  The kids and I were in the living room watching Diego (we live very exciting lives around here).  All of the sudden, I hear Mack yelling for me from our bathroom.  From the sound of his scream, I knew something was "up." 
Little did I know...It wasn't just something.  It was water.  And GALLONS of it.
My bathroom resembled the picture above.  As I entered the bathroom, the floor was soaked and water was spraying me in the face.  No really, it was.  In fact, water was hitting the ceiling!  I quickly noticed that the knob for the cold water (thank goodness) on the tub was off.  Mack was bending down over the tub with his hand on the "hole" that was spraying water at a massive force.  I quickly grabbed some towels and threw them on the floor.  Mack uncovers the "hole" long enough for me to stick a towel (and my hand) over it and attempt to divert the water into the tub.  What happened next may sound a bit dramatic, but I really couldn't make this up.  I had been kneeling on the floor during the water diversion.  As I tried to reposition my knees on the tiled floor, I slipped.  My hand flew off the hole just long enough for me to catch myself from falling.  The water began spraying at full force again.  No lie, a spring flew out the hole and hit me in the face.  It didn't hurt at all, but definitely caused me to begin laughing hysterically.  In the mean time, two of our neighbors came to assist.  Mack got the water turned off and all the boys came in to check out the damage.  I would like to say that I looked like this...
Or this...
But to be honest, I think I looked a little more like this...
Lessons Learned:  #1-Don't leave Mack alone with a toolbox anywhere near plumbing.
#2-Be prepared to be hit in the face with flying objects when the water pressure isn't being controlled.
#3-Don't change into a black tank top and boxer shorts before 9pm.  You just never know when three men will be standing in your bathroom...when you are soaking wet and wearing your husbands boxers as pajamas!
*All images were found through Google Images*


  1. Yikes!!! Totally laughing at your retelling of the story. I hope the damage wasn't too severe!

    (not the damage of course)
    the retelling + pictures=
    **laughing out loud***

  3. Oh my! Hope you guys get it cleaned up and back to normal quickly! I'm totally one to get in my pajamas as soon as I get home, so I'm with you on that one! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh. That is terrible, but so funny from your post. And what you were wearing. That is a hoot. What a mess. How did the neighbors know to come over? Could they hear screams?

  5. This was hilarious, sorry. I pictured all of it in my mind too lol...And you said you don't lead interesting lives on a Friday night ;)

  6. nooooo!!!! your story and pics are making me laugh! especially the cat! i don't know tank, white boxers, covered in water...sounds like you might of been one sexy mama!! :) hope school is going well and that you have a class full of fabulous kiddos!! xo, Tessa

  7. Oh no! I've been there so I feel your pain. Hopefully it wasn't too bad of a flood. When mine happened it was the hot water - ouch! Hopefully you didn't have any major damage.

  8. how much damage did it cause????

    awful way to start your weekend!

    How's your mom doing?

  9. Hehehee, this cracks me up! I'm so glad everything's okay though!


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