Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy Days

Our lazy days of summer are over.  We have been back in school for 32 days now (the reason why I haven't posted in forever!) and things are crazy around here!  I have started classes for my gifted endorsement, Annie started back to ballet, Max is learning how to study for the first time (only because I am making him), and Charlie IS POTTY-TRAINED (insert at least 10 super excited faces here).   
We sure do miss our mornings without alarm clocks, lunches by the pool, flexible schedules, and staying up a little later just because we can.  Getting back into a routine was harder on some of us than on others.  Charlie and I seemed to be hit the hardest.  Poor guy.  He inherited his mother's need for sleep.
Even though our weekdays are rushed and a bit chaotic, our nights and weekends have been a little calmer.
The hubby's new toy has provided tons of entertainment for us.
In fact, it seems that several of the neighbors have enjoyed the new toy.  Now that we have one, there are more opportunities for "racing" in the neighborhood.
I didn't even know it was possible to "burn rubber" on a golf cart!  I guess the old saying that boys will be boys doesn't discriminate against age.
All that being said...we miss summer, but are looking forward to cooler weather, pumpkins, mums, candy corn, and a few Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.
Happy Fall!


  1. Racing golf carts could be fun, ha! :-) And I am so with you on the need for sleep...can't imagine how you do it all, I am exhausted even though I don't have kids yet!

  2. Love!!!!!! your husbands new toy!!!! It's fantastic! Hope school is going well (for everyone)! xx.

  3. I'm sorry but the golf carts are just too funny ~ they scream retirement community! Truth be told, my husband would be SO jealous if he knew of your neighborhood :)

    Here's to getting into the swing of the new season ~


  4. Oh how fun!! Just about everyone in our lake neighborhood have golfcarts and they instantly make any little trip more exciting!

  5. hi lorri!!! i've missed you!! i really need to get on the potty training band wagon. not sure why i'm putting it off with my C. the golf carts are cracking me up! xo, tessa

  6. Hey Lorri, welcome back! There are a lot of golf carts in our neighborhood too. I have been wanting one forever! Congrats on the potty training!

  7. the picture of your hubby on his next to his buddy on his makes me laugh....

    boys and their toys.... :)

  8. Hi Lorri!! Cute pics...cute looking neighbourhood too :)
    Are you allowed to just drive around the streets in a golfcart? How fun!!
    Good to see you back :)

  9. Happy Fall! So happy about Charlie. Please don't tell me he is not two. I'm being lazy with Baby Diva. Your children are beautiful as always.


  10. hey there, lorri and thanks so much for the visit, i had been offline for a looooong time - but it's fun to be back and get caught up with everyone ... love that you've outgrown diapers at your house - yay! and the golf cart - i can only imagine the mischief we'd have with one of those - looks like tons of fun!!

  11. Hi Lorri. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog at Simplify and leaving such a nice comment. I will be doing some looking around here! Hope you come back soon.


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