Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Butterfly, Skeleton, and Percy

Max, Annie, and Charlie started planning for Halloween the day that we received the first costume catalog in the mail...which may have been in late September.  Max and Annie seemed to change their minds about what they would be dressing up as every 2 days.  Finally, they settled on a pink butterfly, a "scary" skeleton, and Percy.   
Annie's favorite thing about this Halloween was her costume.  She absolutely loved it!  Lucky for me, Crazy 8 put their costumes on sale very early....before they sold out of her size.
Max's favorite thing this year was trick-or-treating with cousins and all of his friends in the neighborhood...on a school night!
Charlie was only interested in the candy (imagine that!).  He was not a fan of walking from house to house.  Lucky for him, he didn't have to walk as much as some children. 
After the first two years of walking the entire neighborhood, we finally figured out the trick. 
*Attach a trailer to the back of the truck
*throw in some blankets and folding chairs
*fill the travel mugs with hot chocolate and whipped cream
Now that is the way to trick-or-treat!
After a bowl of potato soup and some brownies, we headed out. 
We stayed out for about an hour and a half.  By then, their buckets were full and we were freezing.
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to trick or treat...riding around in a trailor drinking hot chocolate! You guys know how to do it right! Your kids all look so cute in their costumes.

  2. sounds just like a parade float - nice thinking!! i'm really smitten with your daughter's hot pink/lime green butterfly - she's got such style, I love it!! happy halloween to you too, lorri ;-)

  3. I can count on one hand the costumes I have bought my boys. They just love to throw their's together the day of Halloween! And I love it too!

  4. Yes, they are all three adorable, your photography sooo good and their costumes great....but I am in love with the butterfly costume! It is just too cute!!!

  5. How adorable is Annie?!? That is my kind of way to trick-or-treat!!! Most of the kids in our neighborhood showed up in golf carts, which I thought was hysterical, but I loved it! Hope school is going well for you :) xx.

  6. Love your photos. Such adorable kids. I've missed your posts, but the nice thing when people don't post a lot is that I feel as if I'm not so behind. As you can tell, I'm about three days behind from when your first posted.

  7. Loving the new look!! Your kiddos are so cute (as always)--love Annie's costume, especially those pink and green leggings!

  8. I love Annie's costume!!! Too cute. We froze our butts off too!


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