Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Guess It's Time, Clark.

As much as I hate it, it is time to take down the tree.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  It makes me sad to see it pass.
Each year we pick out our tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Have I ever mentioned that I am married to Clark Griswold? 
"The bigger, the better!"  I'm pretty sure that is my hubby's motto.  Over the past few years, I have been able to talk him into a skinny (well, skinnier) tree.  However, this year's tree still stands at a little over 10 feet.  Clark.
As in years past, we packed her full of ornaments (for some reason, I think of her as a girl).
The children all have their own (small) trees in their rooms, but I love having all of the ornaments they have made on the big tree.
We will keep a few decorations out through February.  Like these snowmen (minus the red ornaments).
These were on one of the fireplaces at my wedding reception.
They are so sweet.  Hopefully the will bring a little snow our way!
Even though I am sad to see Christmas go, I am looking forward to a few less pine needles in this house!
I hope you had the merriest Christmas of all! 


  1. Your tree is just beauiful. I really admire how many ornaments you make fit. Looks so festive!

  2. Your tree is just beauiful. I really admire how many ornaments you make fit. Looks so festive!

  3. Your tree is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to less pine needled too. We've had ours since Dec. 2nd. I'll miss having it lit in the evening...but I'm hoping to take it down tomorrow!

  4. Your tree is FABULOUS! So pretty!

  5. Those snowmen are so cute, and I love the sentimentality of having had them at your wedding! I almost got married at Christmas time, thinking how beautiful it would've been with all the poinsettias and decorations in the church. But then moved it to the middle of September instead. Makes total sense for a teacher, right? Ha! What month did you get married?

  6. We usually take our tree down after New Year's, so we have a few more days to is always so sad to take down all the merry decorations!

  7. oh, lorri, your tree looks so FESTIVE and jolly ... i just love the way you decorate it!! we've also declared christmas to be over - we're already all packed up and moving on ...

  8. I'd be sad to take that tree down too. "She's" beautiful! I love how it is loaded with sentimental ornaments. Happy New Year, friend!


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