Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Bash

Here are a few more pictures from Annie's party.  If you missed the first post from her party, you can find it here.  Annie loved her party and is still talking about it.  I think her friends loved it, too. 

Since the girls were asked to bring their favorite baby dolls and a stroller, it only seemed fitting to have a bowl and spoon for the girls to feed them at the table.  The bowls were pink and blue with sweet little animals on them.  Each girl took one set home in their goody bags.

Each goody bag had a few diapers for the babies, the bowl and spoon, candy, a Cabbage Patch cup, some little birthday blow-outs, a birthday hat, and a pink bracelet.  The girls also had a vinyl place mat to color when they arrived.

The place cards, cupcake toppers and invitations were all made by Serena at Rylie Boo Events.  Serena is wonderful to work with and comes up with the cutest ideas!

Annie's sitter made the cupcakes.  They were delicious!  However, she didn't get to do the icing due to her mother-in-law passing away.  Therefore, I made the icing.  It was very yummy, but turned out slightly orange.  THAT is why I don't like to bake.

Seriously, don't laugh.

The food was simple.  Chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a, Cheetos, grapes, chips, etc.  Not healthy, but they enjoyed it.

Jennifer (my sister) and her daughter (Lucy) came up from Griffin.  Jenn and I cheated and hired a sitter for the night before the party so we could go to dinner and do a little shopping.  It was sooooo much fun....and relaxing.    I am grateful for my time with her. 

Annie's newest friend, Madison came to the party.  She is precious.  Her mom and I used to teach together.  Hopefully we will again soon.

Annie and Taylor (below) have been friends since they were 3 months old.  They have the best time together.  Yep, there is that orange icing again.  Geez.

Lucy is a stinker. 

Annie and her friend, Kaelyn.  They play together every day. 

With the exception of the icing, the party was perfect. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Annie!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am envious.  Jealous.

 My parents are building a new house.  They are (hopefully) moving in the second week of February.  My sister and I stopped by to see the progress last weekend.  All I can say is.......I love it!

Mom has been planning this house in her head for at least 15 years.  About 10 years ago she came across the perfect land.

The creek is loud.  In fact, you can hear it the minute you step out of your car.

The grandchildren will be in heaven 

There are so many things that I love about this house.  For starters, I love the windows in the living room.  They let in a TON of natural light.

And the floors.....well, I have to admit that I was a tad bit worried when I heard about them.  I just couldn't picture them in my head.  They still need the final coating and cleaning, but they are fabulous!

The ceiling in the living room is beautiful. 

Mom decided on a rock fireplace that is open to both the breakfast and living room.  

There are some great bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.

I love the pantry door (this is the "back up" pantry). 

The light fixture in the dinning room might disappear if the house is left unlocked.  :)

And then there is the master bath.  I have been hearing about this room for a long time.  It, too, was hard for me to imagine. The way mom explained it was exactly the way it looks....which is unreal.  She wanted a tub that came out into the middle of the bathroom.  It backs up to the outside wall of the shower. In the picture below, you can see the walk-through shower (the rock on either side of the tub).  Literally.  You can walk in on one side, and walk out of the other.  Daddy calls it his car wash.  Drive in, get hosed down, and drive out the other side.  Too funny.  You can even have a seat in there and hang out.  :)

The hole is for the TV.  I tell ya, the woman may never get out of the tub.

Mom tells the grandchildren that this is their bubble tub.  I don't know who she thinks she is kidding.

This is the light in the bathroom.  Very pretty.

There are many more things I love about this house.  

I informed mom and dad that I love my new mountain home.  I can't wait to invite them down to keep my children at my house while I entertain friends at their house.  Doesn't that sound like a perfect plan?   Can't wait to see it all finished, mom!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

My sweet Annie turned 5 last week.  We had a week full of little celebrations.  We went to see Tangled, picked out prizes at the Disney Store, had lunch at Olive Garden, had a cookie cake with her pre-k class, and picked out an outfit for her party.  I am telling ya....this girl is rotten.  And yes, Jennifer, I know it is my fault.  :)

*Making her wish!*

Annie is, no doubt, a little princess.  She loves all things pink and sparkly!  If her "lipstick" fetish continues, we should buy stock in it.  (Shhh!  It is really chap-stick with a hint of pink.)

*Please ignore the orange icing on the cupcake.  I told you I hate to bake.*

We had Annie's birthday party at Babyland General Hospital.  Babyland is the home of the original Cabbage Patch Kids.  This place was a favorite of mine growing up.  We only lived about 20 minutes away from it.   In fact, my grandparents are the ones that sold Xavier Roberts the fabric for the original babies. 

*Courtesy of Babyland General*

Babyland General is truly amazing.  The people are precious.  The nurses and doctors never get out of character.  We had Annie's party in the party room and then went out to be a part of the "birth" of her original doll.  Here are a few pictures of the "birth."

Once the announcement came that Mother Cabbage was 10 leaves dilated, we rushed over to the tree.  They gave Mother Cabbage some medicine through the bottle IV that made her more comfortable.  The base of the tree began to glow pink.  Once the "leaf-otomy (not to be confused with an episiotomy) had been performed, the baby was born.  So stinking cute!  

Annie was asked to name the baby.  Ready for the name???  Annie Belle.  That just happens to be what my father calls her.
I can't even begin to tell you how proud she was when they handed her Annie Belle.

After the baby's check-up was completed, Annie adopted Annie Belle.  The nurse explained that Annie Belle must sleep with Annie every night so that she isn't scared.

After the complete check-up was completed, Annie adopted Annie Belle.  The nurse explained that Annie Belle must sleep with Annie every night so that she isn't scared.
I think we all got a kick out of walking around the baby boutique looking at the dolls.....especially those with wild hair!

This was the best party in the world!  If I told you the price, you would be a GOOD way!  It was very inexpensive (until we purchased the doll, of course).  All of the girls at the party are determined to have their parties there, too.  Annie is already talking about having her 6th birthday there.  I am all for it!

More pictures to come!


How Fun!

Thank you, Kerri, for this surprise this morning! 

I have to admit, I have been thinking a lot about whether or not I should keep blogging. There are so many great things about blogging. 
*I have "met" some really great women.    
*My parents get to see pictures of my children and read about them (since they out of town).
*It is a great way to document the many stories and activities of my kiddos. I have created my first Blurb book from my blog.  It is awesome!
*I get a lot of great inspiration from other bloggers.
For example:
I would love to use these fabrics (from Kat) to re-do Annie's room.

But....Is this really something I should keep doing?

After thinking about "to blog or not to blog," this little award made my day.  Maybe I should keep going and just see what happens.

Kerri's award comes with the following instructions:

The rules for accepting this award are to share
7 things about yourself and nominate 5 blogs
to receive the stylish blogger award.
1.  I have a love/hate relationship with teaching.  I love the students and the actual act of teaching.  I do not love the paperwork and not staying home with my children.
2.  Even though our new puppy is destructive and demanding, I secretly LOVE him.
3.  I am addicted to my iPad.
4.  I would love another baby.  Don't worry, mom and dad. :)  Between Annie and Charlie, I was on bed rest for over 200 days.  
5.  I missed my calling.  I should have been a midwife.
6.  I love to cook!  I hate to bake.  
7.  Coffee makes me extremely happy.

My 5 nominations:
1.  Shelby at Bringing up Madison and Tyler
2.  Jo at Bees and Fleur De Lis
3.  Jennifer at Running in the Grass
4.  Leslie at Expression of Happiness
5.  Bevy at It's a Golden Day

Have a fantastic Monday!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

She is REALLY Good

A friend of mine, Amber Price, took these pictures for me before Christmas.

I don't know how she manages to get so many amazing pictures in such a short amount of time.

It makes me wish (even more than I already do) that I could capture these moments on my own.

Amber is great with my children and puts up with my OCD. 

If I had her talent, my house would have walls and walls of pictures.

Thank you, Amber, for everything!  You just get better and better! 

Now, go and check out her blog.