Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Happening


When we brought Annie home from the NICU, she weighed 4 pounds and 8 ounces.

These two pictures were taken when she 6 weeks old.  As you can tell by my hand in the picture above, she was TINY.

We celebrated her 5th birthday in January.  However, it didn't hit me until today that she is not little anymore.  As I walked in to school this morning, I saw the set-up for kindergarten registration.  I know people were staring at me when I stopped (frozen) in my tracks.  Oh my gosh.  I have to register Annie for kindergarten! 

How on earth did 5 years go by so fast?  I just can't believe it.  The days of her saying things like "rockadile (crocodile), pamorrow (tomorrow), and Lylenol (Tylenol)" are almost over. 
That just hearts my heart.

I refuse to believe that there will be a time in the future when she doesn't want to cuddle with me, read with me, or tell me her secrets (even though I know that day will come). 

This little girl is precious...in so many ways. 
She is loving, kind-hearted, silly, confident (yet, shy), and sensitive.    

My hope is that she will always be as happy as she is right now. 

And it won't hurt my feelings at all if she turns out like her favorite "big girl." 

Growing up.  It's happening.  I have to find out a way to make it stop.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Let Them Fool Ya!

Look at these big brown eyes and those precious lips.

So sweet and innocent.  He loves to giggle, hug, cuddle, and give butterfly kisses (which is pretty easy to do with those eyelashes!). 

But there is more to him then that.  There is another side of him that we have to watch out for.

Oh yes.  I know you can see it now.  He is a mess!  I can't take my eyes off of him for a second!  If I do, here is what happens.

"Charlie!  What is that?"

"Is that gum?"

"No!  Don't eat that!"

I would love to show you pictures of what happened next, but I had to drop the camera and run to take away the sticky gum that someone had spit out in my front yard.

So here is a hint of what he did with the gum as I was running over to take it away.

Poor Murphy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Is Here

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL!  Bright green buds are on the trees and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

And with this weather comes...outside playtime.  A LOT of playtime. 

Serious playtime.

The boys have enjoyed rolling in the grass.  I'm pretty sure I need to buy stain remover by the gallon.

Hope the weather is beautiful where you are!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Real Truth

Things are just a tad bit crazy around here.

No matter how hard I try to get it all done, it just doesn't happen.  I have considered becoming an octopus. Surely I could get accomplish everything if I had 8 arms.  I have also considered adding 4 hours to each weekday (2 hours to clean/work/organize and 2 hours of extra sleep).  Since neither of these two things are possible, I am taking suggestions.  You see, my only option right now is to get up even earlier...or stay up later.  I already start my day before 6 am.  It is cruel to wake up and see a 5 staring back at me.  I just don't think I could handle seeing a 4.   And staying up later?  I've tried. It just doesn't happen. 

Earlier today I spoke with a good friend for some advice on my current situation.  She quickly pointed out that my children and I have only 7 weeks left of school.  That is a HUGE plus.  Then she told me to "let it go."  Ummmm.  Let what go?  "Let it all go."  Well, that is just impossible.  BUT, I am going to try and stop stressing over the little stuff.  I can assure you that my husband will be happier if I do this...he might be a little bit irritated by my complaining and OCD.

*It is (now) ok to leave a cup or two in the sink over night.
*It is (now) ok to let M, A, and C stay up a few extra minutes so that we can spend more time outside.
*It is (now) ok to get behind on the laundry (well, this has always been the case).
*It is ok that my laundry room is a disaster.  In fact, it is going to stay this way for at least 7 more weeks. 
*It is (now) ok to say "NO" when we don't need or want to do something.


these are the most important of all!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

Charlie is 3! 

This sweet boy is obsessed in love with trains.  Not just Thomas the Train.  Any trains. 
Since nothing excites him more, a train party was the perfect choice.

A sweet friend made the cake pops for me.  They were seriously cute and really, really yummy.  Lemon pound cake dipped in white chocolate. 

Charlie loves marshmallows...and chocolate.  These made him very happy.

We set up the popcorn maker and served it in the party hats seen above. 

I think it is safe to say that he had a blast! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Praise for Paula Deen

I love Paula.  No, we are not on a first name basis, but I feel like we are. 

This lady can cook.  Really cook.  I can honestly say that I have been cooking her recipes for 10 years and have not found a single thing that I didn't like.  Perhaps it is because she cooks the way my mother used to cook.

My obsession love for her cooking began here:

The Lady & Sons Restaurant

During my 149 days of bed rest (for Charlie), I watched the Food Network a lot.   

Paula's life story is very inspiring.  She created her businesses from nothing.  She is doing what she loves and it is paying of BIG time.  See?  I told you I feel like we are on a first name basis.

Anyway, I wanted to share my favorite of all her desserts.  No, I don't enjoy baking, but this recipe is simple and easy. 

Gooey Butter Cake

Have you tried it?  If not, you must make it right now.  On Sunday, we had lunch at my sister-in-law's house.  Since it had been a while since I have had this, I made it.....and topped it with homemade whipped cream.  Paula's cake is much prettier than mine (below).

You can get the full recipe at www.Pauladeen.com

*Don't pay attention to the nutritional information!  You don't have to count the calories, fat, sugars, etc. if you are eating it with friends.  :)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys. And Dirt. And Trains. And a Bug. And a Dog.

Good combination?  Or bad?  Depends on how you look at it. 

These boys are DIRTY!  But.....HAPPY! 

I kid you not, these two played in the dirt for hours! 

They played with trucks, cars, and trains.  We now have a complete road/track for their toys. 

"Who needs shovels, mom? We can just use our hands."

They worked so hard on the track...that they had to take a little rest.

And make a plan.

Everything was going well until Charlie found a friend.

"Fred."  Better known as "Dead Fred."  Ewwww.

Even Murphy needed a bath. 

Overall, these two had a fantastic time playing in the dirt.  While I loved watching them interact and create something together, I did not enjoy cleaning them (Murphy included) up. 


My Boys.