Saturday, July 30, 2011

It is just about impossible... get a great picture of all three of my stinkers. 
"Look at me and smile."
"Charlie, look at me.  Not at your Bubba."
"Max and Annie, look at me."
"Max and Annie, you are squishing Charlie."
"Annie!  Look at me!"
This is the best one I could get.  The lighting was all wrong, but they are all three looking at the camera AND they are all smiling.  I'll take what I can get!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sandy Toes

Charleston, South Carolina
Mack had a business trip planned to Charleston, so we decided to tag along and sneak in a few days at the beach.  We have been lucky enough to visit Charleston every year for the past 5 years or so.  A good friend owns a couple of condos about 2 miles outside of downtown.  It is the perfect location for shopping, restaurants, and the beach.  We didn't have perfect beach weather, but we still managed to enjoy the ocean.
Charlie loved the beach this year.  Last year he enjoyed it until sand ended up on his face or in his mouth.  At that point, he had a major breakdown.  This year, he didn't care where sand ended up.  In fact, we may never get rid of all the sand!
Annie loved it, too.  She jumped waves and sat in the sand to let the waves run over her legs.  She spent a good amount of time looking for the perfect shell.
Max was in heaven.  He spent all but about 10 minutes in the ocean on his boogie board.  I have to admit, he was pretty good at it.
Again, we may never get rid of all the sand.  I seem to be finding it everywhere.
I wish the weather had cooperated more, be we did have a great time.  We had some wonderful food, did a little shopping, and were just plain lazy.  In that regard, it was definitely a true vacation!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why I Have Been MIA

I have been missing in action.
I haven't accomplished my To Do list for this week (and it was full!).
I haven't gone to the grocery store (and we need milk).
I haven't watched The View, The Today Show, or Ellen (my summer staples).
I haven't taken nightly rides on the golf cart (more on this later).
I haven't been reading my favorite blogs.
I haven't posted anything on this blog in a week.
Here is the reason why.
Have you read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson?
Please tell me you have.  My sister, Jenn, has been telling me to read Larsson's books for a while now.  Since she and I don't typically read the same genre, I wasn't in a real hurry to read them (just being honest).  If only I had known.  Last Thursday I downloaded the first book (above) on my iPad.  Jenn had warned me that the first 70 pages of the book were a bit difficult to follow.  It takes place in Sweden and is filled with names that can be easily confused with each other.  She promised that I didn't need to worry about all the names or re-read to make sense of it all.  She was right.  By the time I got past the beginning, it all began to fall together.  And I was hooked!!!  I finished the first book in about 3 days and couldn't wait to read more about the characters, Lisbeth and Blomqvist.  I downloaded the second one the minute I finished the first.  I absolutely could not wait.
To my surprise, the second book (above) was even better than the first.  The Girl Who Played With Fire had me hooked by the end of chapter 2.  I finished this book in about 4 days (had to go work in my classroom or would have finished it earlier).  Naturally, the third book had to be downloaded.
And yes, it is fantastic!  I haven't finished it just yet, but hope to today. 
If I had to describe the books....well, I simply wouldn't know where to begin.  All I can say is that they kept me guessing (and glued) to the very end.
If you haven't read them, I strongly suggest that you do. 
*And yes, Jenn, you were right!*
Picture Source

Sunday, July 17, 2011

For BB and Pop

My sister (Jennifer) and her family live about 2 hours away from my parents.  Mom and Dad don't get to see them as much as they would like to.  They make trips down for the weekends, etc, but would really love it if they could see Henry and Lucy every day.  Since they don't, I grabbed these pictures off of my sister's facebook page so that mom and dad can see them (they aren't facebook savvy).  Jennifer and I are truly opposite when it comes to pictures.  I have a ridiculous amount of pictures of my children.  In fact, Max has started hiding when he sees me pull out my camera.  Nice, huh?  Anyway, since Jennifer never takes pictures or shares them with us (we love you anyway!), I wanted to show off her beautiful children!
Henry- 10 years old.  Smart (loves to read).  Inquisitive. Caring.  Funny.  Respectful (more so than any other boy I know).  Happy.  Soccer player and dirt bike racer.  Takes care of his mommy when she isn't feeling well.
Lucy-6 years old.  A gift.  Intelligent.  Animal lover.  Extremely flexible (might have to join a circus or something one day).  Tomboy (she races dirt bikes with Henry.  No, really.  She does.  As a track with many other children.  Complete with biker attire).  Protective of those she loves.  Fearless.
One of my favorite pictures.
Nothing is better than a barefoot boy in madras plaid.  Makes me smile.
Look at those feet.
BB and Pop, hope you enjoyed these pictures.  And don't worry, I will print some for you!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Day With Chuckles

As I have stated many times before, there is never a dull moment with Charlie. 
With Annie in Kinder Camp and Max in basketball camp, Charlie and I have had some extra one-on-one time together.  I love having his undivided attention.
Charlie is hysterical.  No really, he is.  He is...his father. 
Just look at these facial expressions.  He starts out looking so innocent.
And then he starts thinking.  I know this look.  It usually leads to trouble. 
He still looks pretty innocent in the picture above, right?  Now look at the one below.
This is the exact look he gives me as he contemplates doing whatever it is I just told him not to do.  Complete with the side glance.  Sometimes I even get a little evil grin or a wink.  It is hard to discipline this child.  I have a very hard time not laughing when I should have that serious mommy-look on my face.  For example, I asked him not to sit on the porch and let his legs hang down.  I know he can't fit through the bars, but I am scared of heights.  Anyway, the second time I told him to get up, he turned around and gave me this look.
"Mommy.  Me do it.  Mommy no be mad."
After I turned my head and pretended to cough, I picked that little fanny up and took him inside for a chat.  Speaking of his little fanny...
It sure is cute.  And just look at those rolls on his legs.  I promise I only nibble on them once a day.  :)

*Disclaimer-Yes, I am aware that my 3 year old is still in diapers/pull ups.  Yes, I know he should be potty trained by now.  Yes, I am working on it.  Yes, it bothers me tremendously.  No, he hasn't mastered it yet, but has come a long way.  No, he isn't planning on wearing them to college....I hope!  :)  Will this child ever be trained??? 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorites From the 4th

We had a perfect  4th of July.  We celebrated all weekend.  Our weekend was filled with great friends, really good food, and HOT weather.  96 degrees takes on a whole new meaning when you add in humidity.
The pool was our outdoor activity of choice during the day.
Other than being inside in the AC, the pool was the only thing that kept us cool.
Oh how I wish I had his eyelashes!
We had 4th of July cake pops along with smores.
Have you seen the new StackerMallows?
They are perfect for smores!  I recommend roasting two StackerMallows for each smore.  I can't believe someone didn't think of these marshmallows before now.
M, A, and C played with friends until they were so tired that they could hardly stand up (literally).
Baseball, cars, corn hole, chase, hide-n-go seek, and scooters were a few of the things the children enjoyed.
We attended the 3rd annual 4th of July party at one of our neighbor's homes.  Not only is this party great every year, but I love getting to explore her home.  It is simply beautiful!
We love living in our neighborhood.  It reminds me a little of college because I can walk down the street and have coffee with friends at any time. 
This sweet stinker enjoyed the fireworks for the first time!  In the past, he would cover his ears and cry when the fireworks began.  This year he covered his ears, but he loved looking at them. 
Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


"My got a BIG boy bed!"
We are in the process of changing Charlie's room over to a big boy room.  Today was his first day to sleep in his new bed.  I took these pictures as he was waking up from his nap.
He has been telling everyone that he is getting a big boy bed.  While the kids were spending the night with BB and Pop, we took down his crib and moved in his bed.  I wish I had taken a picture of his face when he saw it for the first time.
I fully expected for him to get out of his bed at least 15 times before he fell asleep for his nap.  I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't get up a single time!  It sure would be nice if he would do that tonight. 
There is still a lot to do in his room.  Everything has to organized before the fun part can begin.  The decorating!
I have picked up a few things here and there, but there are still a few things I want need for his room.
I am on the lookout for a new lamp, some baskets for books and toys, and some fun picture frames.  The green and yellow frame above is one of several that I painted when I was decorating his nursery.  I also painted the canvas below for his nursery.  I plan on hanging it on another wall (it is currently over his bed) because it is a bit too busy with his new bedding.
Hopefully I will get to shop work on it some this week.
I think Charlie is going to love it!

*Happy 4th of July!*