Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy Days

Our lazy days of summer are over.  We have been back in school for 32 days now (the reason why I haven't posted in forever!) and things are crazy around here!  I have started classes for my gifted endorsement, Annie started back to ballet, Max is learning how to study for the first time (only because I am making him), and Charlie IS POTTY-TRAINED (insert at least 10 super excited faces here).   
We sure do miss our mornings without alarm clocks, lunches by the pool, flexible schedules, and staying up a little later just because we can.  Getting back into a routine was harder on some of us than on others.  Charlie and I seemed to be hit the hardest.  Poor guy.  He inherited his mother's need for sleep.
Even though our weekdays are rushed and a bit chaotic, our nights and weekends have been a little calmer.
The hubby's new toy has provided tons of entertainment for us.
In fact, it seems that several of the neighbors have enjoyed the new toy.  Now that we have one, there are more opportunities for "racing" in the neighborhood.
I didn't even know it was possible to "burn rubber" on a golf cart!  I guess the old saying that boys will be boys doesn't discriminate against age.
All that being said...we miss summer, but are looking forward to cooler weather, pumpkins, mums, candy corn, and a few Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.
Happy Fall!

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a God thing.

Mothers know the true meaning of unconditional love.  A love that explodes the first time you hold your baby in your arms.   A love so strong that giving your life for your child would happen without hesitation. 
Over the past two weeks, I couldn't bring myself to post.  My heart has been so broken.  Blogging about my life and children just didn't seem right. 
Two of our friends have just lived through the most difficult thing parents will ever have to go through.  To be honest, I can't even wrap my brain around it. 
"It's a God thing."
Debbie and Brian found out they were expecting a sweet pea right before the new year.  They were both very excited and looking forward to all that the upcoming months and years would bring to their lives.  But as the pregnancy progressed, they were given news that their sweet pea would not be able to survive for long after he was born.  Baby Harvey had several big complications that even the best physicians and surgeons would not be able to fix.  And so...we prayed.  We prayed for miracles.  We prayed for strength.  We prayed for comfort.  Early one morning, Debbie's water broke.  Later that afternoon, Harvey was born weighing in at 4 pounds.  He was absolutely beautiful.  Sweet Harvey spent 30 perfect hours with his mommy and daddy.  Being held and loved on.  Without any doubt, he knew and felt how much he was loved. 
And then God showed them how He had heard their prayers.  Their sweet baby no longer would feel any pain or discomfort...only the pure JOY of meeting our Heavenly Father. 
Debbie and Brian were surrounded by those who would be their strength for the days, months, and years to come.  I received a text from Debbie's sister (my sweet friend Jennifer...who happens to be my children's second mother) shortly after Harvey passed away.  The text read "Harvey made it to Heaven!!!"  Just seeing that text showed me how lucky Debbie and Brian are to have such a strong support system. 
I can't imagine how hard the upcoming months and years will be for them, but I know that they are strong.  I have seen their strength.  I know that God will carry them through the lonely nights.  When people ask me how they are doing, I reply with the same statement each time.  "It's a God thing."  He is giving them strength.  How else could they possible go through this and survive?
It is obvious that God has heard the prayers being sent up for them...and will continue to answer those prayers. 
And so, I am asking that you pray for Harvey's mommy and daddy.  For comfort and strength.
Thank you!