Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Love!

February is one of my favorite months of the year.  As silly as it sounds, I think all of the pink is a pick-me-up in the middle of a wet winter.  Not to mention all the candy, cookies, and...a box of Valentine's Day cake balls! 
Why can't Bakerella be my next door neighbor?
Yum!  I am not in love with baking, but I actually enjoy making cake balls.  And more often than not, they have turned out pretty cute.  Every time that I make them, I am surprised at how yummy they are.  The question is...Am I brave enough to attempt the ones above? 
*I don't have the best track record with baking.* 
Moving on.  I made this today and plan on printing it out to frame for the month.
How fun is that?
Got any cake ball tricks up your sleeve?  Please share! 
Happy February!


  1. hey there, lorri - i'm a big fan of february too ... the theme, the love, the sweets, it all works for me :) i really like that printable you made!! but as far as the cake balls ... my 10-yr-old is the cake boss in this family, so i'd have to consult with her for any tips!! happy february, friend!

  2. That is a very fun print you made. I have the biggest sweet tooth, but havent had a cake pop yet. They look delicious.

  3. I could use a cake ball about right now. Yum!

  4. Super cute valentine print....and i have never made cake balls...but those look like they are worth trying. Happy February!

  5. Love your subway heart....best one I've seen in blogland! Maybe you should teach the rest of us how to make one! ;)
    My only tip for cake balls is to freeze them for about 15 minutes before you dip them into chocolate. I also add a tiny bit of shortening to my chocolate to make the consistency smooth and shiny.

  6. I have been saying I'm going to try making cakeballs since the summer and it has not yet happened! I love February too, especially Valentine's Day (I even loved it when I was single)--all the pinks and love just put me in a great mood!

  7. I love cakeballs, but mine are never gorgeous like the ones in the picture. I remember Kerri saying that she trims the flat chocolate off with a paring knife after they set... by the time I have finally dip the last one, I just want to eat them and could care less that they don't look perfect.

    I'm no help!!

  8. I like to eat cake balls...I'm not big on making them. It's a lot of work, whew! I'm fond of February, too. Tomorrow marks the day when Mark and I got engaged 10 years ago! I like the sweet print :)

  9. wow you made that art work!..amazing ...wonderful job!
    WE make cake pops & eat them...yikes!
    an easy desert ball is.. a brick or two of cream cheese a box of oreos...put in the food processor ...roll into balls and poke with a stick!...bet ya can't eat only one!
    Great blog here!


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