Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 Months Have Gone By...

We have been super busy for the last few months.  Unfortunately, blogging was one of the things that I pushed to the side.  It is unfortunate because this blog serves as a journal/photo book for my children.  Turning a blog into a book is super simple and saves me a ton of time!  So in order to catch up on the last few months, here are a few pictures of what we have been up to!
Kindergarten Graduation
My tiny little girl is a first grader now.  Talk about mixed emotions!  On one hand I am sad because she is growing up so fast...and I want her to stay little.  But on the other hand, she is growing up to be a smart and confident girl.  And of course, having her on the first grade hall with me is a plus!  I'll be able to sneak in hugs throughout the day!
Award ceremonies for Max. 
 He received awards for having perfect attendance, Super Student, and an academic award.  So proud!
Max was also chosen for the lead in the third grade play.  He played the role of principal in a play about Earth Day.  He did a great job!
To feed Charlie's train obsession, we visited a local museum that houses trains dating back to the early 1900's (1910, I believe).  Charlie was in heaven! 
I have to say, I was as interested in the trains as Charlie was!
We have managed to sneak in a few lazy days...but not as many as we would like!
In May, we celebrated my grandmother's 95th birthday. 
95 and still spunky!
And then there was baseball!
Baseball lasted a good three months or more. 
Annie's dance recital was also in May.  She loves recital day. 
 I think it is mostly because she gets to wear real makeup!
And since it is summer, we have spent a lot of time swimming.
With friends!
And fried chicken!  A 4th of July Requirement in the South!
So that just about sums up the last few months.  Staying busy and having fun. We recently returned from the beach.  I will share those photos soon!  Man!  I sure wish we could go back before school starts!